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The mission of Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance (AFWA) is to enable women in all accounting and related fields to achieve their full personal, professional and economic potential and to contribute to the future development of their profession.

AFWA was formed in 1938 to increase the opportunities for women in all fields of accounting and finance. Membership has been open to men since 1974. There are more than 85 chapters throughout the United States with approximately 4,000 members.

If the question is:

  1. My company says I need to learn to be a team player –where do I learn that?
  2. I am not as happy in my job as I used to be. Maybe it is time for a change – where do I begin?
  3. The continuing professional education (CPE) that I normally get is usually too simple and not specific enough. Where can I find the education I need?
  4. I recently did a technical presentation for my company, where else can I present this?
  5. I’ve put my time into public accounting and now I am ready to go out on my own. Is there someone I can talk to who has been successful at doing the same thing?
  6. My company has finally authorized me to hire an assistant. How can I find the right person?
  7. I work in a very narrow tax area, where else can I find others like me to exchange ideas with?

The answer is AFWA.

The Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance is the home for women in accounting and finance.

Members have access to networking, CPE and business skills training with accounting and finance professionals at the local, regional and national level. Examples: JNC, Regional Conferences, local chapter meetings, local seminars.

Members and their companies benefit from practical resources and programs that strengthen professional growth and career development. Examples: leadership/board positions at local, regional and national levels; opportunities to author articles; speaking opportunities in a “safe” environment.

AFWA members tap into an extensive knowledge base of professionals with technical expertise as well as national partnerships to provide solutions for complex issues, on-line and in person. Examples: LinkedIn discussion groups, searchable member database, RHI Career Center, discounts through CCH, Kaplan and Yaeger CPA Review.

AFWA promotes philanthropic endeavors and financial literacy through its Foundation. Examples: Scholarships to deserving accounting students; activities with Dress for Success; promotion of financial literacy through national programs.

Benefits of membership include:

    • Business contacts locally and across the country
    • Personal and professional support
    • Scholarships for new and returning students
    • Job referral network
    • Leadership opportunities
    • Business management skills development
    • National and local newsletter
    • Low cost, high quality CPE
    • Networking and mentoring opportunities with peers and other professionals

Membership Qualifications

Regular Membership – *Annual dues: $174.00
Be actively engaged in accounting for two or more years, or Hold a valid CPA certificate, or Hold a bachelor’s degree with a major in accounting.

Affiliate Membership – *Annual dues: $174.00
Not employed in accounting, but have substantial interest in accounting.

Associate Student Membership – Annual dues: $65.00
Regularly enrolled students in post-secondary educational institutions, majoring in accounting or a related field.

*Membership Application Fee for new and reapplying is an additional $25.

You can print an application from this website and complete the form and mail with a check payable to ASWA.

Remember…to get the most out of our chapter is by your participation…contact one of our chairs and start participating today!

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